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We understands from our clients the difficulties they undergoes while sourcing for relevant and right IT talents and skills to hold IT positions in their respective organizations. There are loads of IT expert out there with different skills but they have difficulties in pursing their choose career because they could not get linked to right place where their skills are most wanted.

ITRecruit is here to help our clients get the right person for their new IT positions by pulling candidates with needed skills from our database of IT experts. Our focus is to connect employers with IT professionals who can help them gain increased value and a competitive edge through effective use of technology.

Our client portfolio spans small busineses, SMEs to multi-nationals, public and private sectors. We recruit mid to senior IT professionals on permanent, contract and interim positions. Our specialist IT recruitment consultants are skilled and experienced at identifying the challenges that you face; their expertise and established networks ensure you will be introduced to the most suitable candidates and opportunities.

Talent. It’s not enough to find it. You’ve got to know what to do with it.

ITRecruit is a premier destination for talented candidates and clients committed to recruiting and developing top tier professionals. Eighty two percent of placements we make are with repeat clients, many of whom are happy to work on an exclusive basis confident in the work we do.

We connect the most experienced professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client. At ITRecruit, we pride ourselves on connecting clients with the most seasoned management talent in a IT industry. Our staff are experienced professionals and with strong expertise comes understanding of our clients needs and strategic issues.

Who we are

ITRecruit is a subsidiary
Plucom Technology . With over a decade experience in information technology industries, we have come to understand the problems and pains of recruiting the right IT professionals with the right skills to IT project or existing business operation.

We have a wide network of IT professionals for all levels of technical expertise and management, including IT management, development, IT infrastructure, networking, data warehousing, e-commerce, IT security, database administration and engineering. Working with us gives you access to highly skilled IT professionals who thrive in the most demanding of roles. Many of our IT recruitment consultants have previously worked in the technology industry, so they know the market like the back of their hand.

What We Do

ITRecruit is a global technology recruiter. We focused on recruiting IT talents (only) across all business sectors. Our purpose is in recruiting highly skilled professionals on a temporary, contract and permanent basis across a range of IT functional areas.

Our Promise

We promise to offer outstanding, professional and reliable recruitment service to our clients and candidates.


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