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Why Choose Us?
In a dynamic growth industry, it takes the right talent to drive a business – and our specialist recruiters work with you to deliver a tailored approach to achieve this. We have a ready-made pool of highly skilled candidates and a proactive team of consultants, that's what we do - so our clients can get on with running their businesses.

As the global IT industry evolves, we provide the specialist talent that helps you keep pace. Complex projects, tight deadlines and fierce competition put the demand for talent at a premium. Through our local networks, we’ll connect you quickly and efficiently to the specialist mid to senior level personnel who can deliver.

First, we listen. Our specialists know technology inside out; we take time to understand the unique role your company plays within it and the people you need to grow.
Direct access to niche expertise. Within our system network, strong IT talent database, we snap up the best people to meet your brief.

Specialist knowledge in IT & Technical Recruitment including all areas of IT, Telecoms and Electronics

•   Specialist knowledge in online recruitment
•   Only pay on placement - no risk
•   Save money (compared to traditional recruitment agency percentage fee)
•   Save time. We screen CV's for you - so you don't have to view irrelevant applications
•   Access to over 100,000 current CV's
•   Strong account management - we don't have sales targets, just customer service targets

ITRecruit has recruited Developers, Project Managers, IT Support Managers and many other specialist roles. Why not join the recruitment revolution?

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